Art by Rick Griffin

Watch List

ALL VINTAGE NEEDED (1920's - 1980's)

Anything nice is definitely worth a look.  Please contact me if you have any questions of any kind, any time.  I am always on the hunt.


All Phil Edwards "Honolulu" - pintails preferred

All Honolulu's wanted - square tail ok
No transition short guns
Only serial #'s desired - first 100, A Series, B Series preferred & C Series.

Greg Noll's - "Da Cat's" pintail, other square tail welcome - All GN'S
Hawaiian gun - 30 were built
Greg Noll big guns and short guns
All gun's - Old logs '60's Bent stringers - fig. 8's

Bing's - pintail longboards
David Nuuhiwa Noseriders - Lt. Wt. Model
Flowers, colors, tints, etc. wanted, acid splash, tiger stripes
All Bing's - Eaton Bonzers & Bonzer Longboards - Eaton guns, short & big wave.
Early '60's guns Early '60's logs - bent stringers

Hansen's - All pintails, square tails welcome, Superlights, Masters, Hustler's, Gerry
Lopez Models - Stretch Models - square nose, like G&S stretch
Most Hansens - All long - Hawaii Hansen's

Older logs wanted Joe Quigg, Dale Velzy, Gordies, Jacob's, Bill Holden custom - 50's
early 60's - good condition - no beaters.  Old Wood, Old Wood Guns, etc. - with solid
recognized names.

CONDITION: All boards wanted to be in original condition and very good condition.  8
or better on a scale of 10.  If nice board needs work, it will be considered.  All boards
must have the original fin.


HAWAII BOARDS - All Pintails
Lightning Bolts - signed - Lopez, Reno, Barnfield, Rory Russell, Barry Kanaiapunni,

Brewer - Guns, 60's thru 70's

Wardy - Joey Homasaki model, Beach Break, early 60's Big guns - Hawaii model

Diffenderfer - Guns - Foamy's & Wood

Billy Hamilton Guns - 70's - 80's

Rick - B. Kanaiapunni Guns and semi, UFO, noserider.  Dru's Impro.



Hobie-Wood (Makaha Gun) others, nice foamy's also

Gordon & Smith - old logs - pristine, need all models '65 - '68

Greek - Maui Model, Eliminator, etc.

M/P - Machine, Penetrator

Dewey Weber - Performer, Professional Stylist, etc.

Con - Super Ugly, CC Rider

Ole - '67's, '68's

I will definitely look at anything else not listed.


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